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The charismatic image of Dame Shirley Bassey is due, in part to her amazing collection of stage gowns and sequined coats.

Carolyn Rowe has been steadfast in her quest for authenticity and believes many of Bassey's iconic beaded gowns worthy of copy come from past memories. Carolyn's wardrobe reflects this.


Carolyn knows that to rework designs such as the Silver Electric Prom Gown, which was mass produced for the high street, would be selling herself and her audience short, therefore she continues the DSB legacy in those iconic bugle beaded gowns scattered with Swarovski diamonds and matching sequined stage coats and shoes.

Taking over six months to create, Carolyn's couturier Terry, (pictured above with Dame Shirley) makes each gown as a cotton toile, fitted to shape. Working on a silk fabric base, Swarovski crystal, glass beads and sequins encrust every gown so that under the spotlight the illusions is complete.

It is therefore true to say that Carolyn Rowe's gown collection continues to evoke memories, love and adoration from her concert fans.

All of Shirley's gowns are affectionately given names by the die hard fans, for ease of identification we too have used these names in date order. Please rollover the links below for more information on each gown.


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